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Leather Daddy's Mailbag Day

Leather Daddy's Mailbag Day

Hello all; this is just a temporary note to let you know that we're still alive. Most of us, at any rate; and I will deny till my dying breath that I dumped anyone in the Rio Grande on the night of...


I intended to write an actual review to post tonight, but I got so sidetracked by all the fics I COULD do that I didn't actually write one. We've about three bitches writing reviews now, so there will probably be a glut soon. Consider it an early Valentine's Day Present.

Until then - mailbag day.

Hi, love the site! (Well, thanks. Even if people think we're bitching pointlessly, hopefully it amused someone or made them at least think about what they're reading.) Do you need a reviewer for ________ fandom? (Right now, no. I know we're slow, and we aren't covering ALL the genres we could, but we'll struggle along with our current ranks for just a little longer. However, please feel free to suggest genres that need a look at. To the person who suggested Musical Group Slash - you are so very right. Consider it done. And suggest books, movies, comics, anything at all! We don't exist in a cultural vacuum where all we read or think is anime. That would be a sad, scary place, if you think about it.)

Are you persons X, Y, and Z? (Of course we are. Can't you tell? To people who know us, our identities are fairly clear - but even I confuse who has which nickname.)

Are you ever going to review good fanfiction? (Personally? Yes. I have several that I've been meaning to tackle, but really, it's harder to review good fiction than it is to savage bad fiction. Takes more talent and thinking to praise than to criticize, you know. :P I just keep getting distracted by the bad fic I see. Such as the Akazukin Cha-cha lemon (if you REALLY want me to review this, drop us a line, but trust me, it's really something. It's a parody...I think. I hope.) or Bibleslash, or even the Merry/Pippin spanking fic. Or even the less stomach-turning offenders, such as the odd fic where Tomoyo became Eriol's guardian, the Amethyst Moon, or where Ruby Moon is raped by a foreign exchange student, and Yue, who the rapist to go away, and then they hug and it's all right. Or all the goddamn Uke-wan Kenobi Episode One fics. As you can see, it's easier for me to rattle off a list of fics that I dislike than the fics I do like. But I'll try to do a positive review sometime soon. Feel free to send recs, as always, but don't be terribly hurt if our reviewer doesn't like it as much as you did. Reviewing is, of course, a subjective thing.)

Why are you so mean? Why can't you be nice? (I suppose that if we dislike a fic so much, we COULD just not read it. But if a fic author has asked for C&C, they're going to get it. We're snide, sure, but we love you and want you to write better. Or at least I do. I can't vouch for the others. I myself write a lot of stuff just for catharsis or because an idea appealed to me - but then I don't post it online and expect people to fondle my ego out of consideration for my feelings. If you honestly want to write because you like writing, don't you want to fix some of your mistakes? We aren't experts by any stretch of the imagination, but we can point out some of the more glaring plot, characterization, and technical errors. Writing is an acquired skill. That's why you have to take classes on it.)

That's all for now. Consider that a bathroom quickie until we whip each other into shape.
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