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Tales of Symphonia :: Just Let Me Fall
My god, you must have thought we were all dead. It's been something like fifteen months since the last post! I'm not going to make excuses for the hiatus, because I think I made them the last time I posted...in 2005. Well, shit.

As usual we were just sitting around, shooting the shit, when someone wondered why the hell we hadn't posted a review in so long. Rebel Toy and I went back through the archives and spent some quality time laughing our asses off, and then emerged convinced that the reason was that we just weren't funny people anymore. How terrible, to be so young and so unfunny! Also the problem is that nowadays the internets have become SUCH SERIOUS BUSINESS that I bet that instead of just calling us Bin Laden or threatening to sic their internet lawyers on us or just simply fandom-wanking us, I'm sure we'd get a couple of pseudocides and that's just messy and too much hilarity for the newly sober-and-serious ficbitches.

Then Rebel Toy ordered me to check the ficbitches gmail account since she was too lazy to. That way, she doesn't have to feel guilty that there are emails from February that haven't been answered! However, the bonus is that we found some guest reviews. And here's one! Thanks, Queen of Provocation!

But because I don't know a damn thing about Tales of Symphonia, I ran it by the esteemed Magnetic Stain. Judging from her involuntary shudders, this must have been a pretty horrible fic. She would also like me to make it perfectly clear that this fic and review contain some pretty hefty spoilers for Tales of Symphonia, especially for Kratos. So please, don't come crying to me if you didn't read the bold red text. Are we ready?

Hey, maybe this will restore our mojo! You never know! :D

~ Leather Daddy, who still loves you all and might actually answer comments and emails for the next few days!

Tales of Symphonia :: "Just Let Me Fall" by Amazon Bunny
Reviewed By: Queen of Provocation

CHARACTERIZATION: 0/5 (The characters are barely sentient beings, let alone themselves.)
PLOT: 1/5 (Remember kids, suicide is painless!)
WRITING: 2.5/5 (Not disasterously bad in technical terms, but it's definitely not good.)

Dear god, that seems painfulCollapse )


I missed you so much. I spent every day lounging around crying and beating my fists on the wall.

Ok, I haven't been crying or beating my fists. But the lounging part is true.

Aw, we missed you ficbitches. Great review and I officially love you now.

As for the 'naming child after sig. oth.'s ex'

Krillin and Android 18 from DBZ named their daughter Marron...

...but that was probably Krillin, moreso than 18.

So it happened one other time! :)

I don't know the series either, but this sentence made me laugh SO HARD:

"I wouldn't get in that hot spring with Raine if I were you, Sheena. What if she jumps in with a plugged-in toaster and takes you to Hell with her?"

Nice to see an update. I had kinda stopped checking this.

Did Mithos Presea show up for a booty call or something?

Daaaamn straight.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I lol'ed. Seriously. I did.

And the funny thing is that I've actually spoken to Amazon Bunny. She's apparently the Kraine queen or something. XD Her fics are ALWAYS about Raine going emo and stuff lol.

GREAT review. I LOVE IT!!! XD Everything you said was true! Yay! We need more people like you in the world. D:

And the thing about mpreg and true love...that made me laugh sooo hard. Thank you. You made my day. XD

Here's one for ya....

Sonic the Hedgehog fandom -- a gross story, probably beyond anything else you've ever read.


Sigh...I miss you guys. ):




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I miss you guys! Please come back :)


bookmark you thx

Waking Ned Divine reference FTW!

Oh, btw, you are all very awesome. Please come back and bitch some more. :)


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