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We *are* still alive.
If anyone's still around....(which I'd be surprised to learn)....we're still around. Now, there are a bunch of lame-ass excuses reasons for this long hiatus, most of which you can guess yourself.

  • "Real life"
  • "Oh, I am oh-so-busy with school/work, which is why I just wasted 17 hours reading porn online"
  • "Nonsense, I don't read badfic anymore"

    Personally, the reason I haven't posted in forever is that although I still read badfic by the metric fuckton, it was all shitty in the same way. The point of this little hobby was not to make fun of all the badfics for being bad; that's like making fun of every stupid person you pass on the street! It'd never end! Although some fics I tackled for their sheer WTF-factor, because it would be amusing, I honestly tried to pick fics which had problems that a lot of other fics had, that I could talk about in general. A theme, if you will.

    So eventually I hit a wall: "Well, I've covered terrible plotting, terrible characterization, Mary Sues, uber-feminization of male characters, thesaurus abuse, etc...what's left?"

    But I finally thought of something! Now, to find one of the many characteristic fics and post something. Rebel Toy, I believe, is also pondering something. (Or at least she was this morning when we met for breakfast.)

    So, don't hold your breath, but I'll figure something out. (Of course, if you have any suggestions to prod our lazy asses into action, feel free to comment.)

    ~ Leather Daddy

  • (Deleted comment)
    Ditto to that! Looking foward to the updates...

    huzzah! The ficbitches liiiiive!

    Indeed, sadly, it is the truth. The problem is not now and has never been simply finding bad fic. Any fool with Google and fanfiction.net at their fingertips could do so.

    My own personal problem has always been finding bad fic (or good but flawed fic, or just simple mediocre fic) about which I could make some sort of very specific sharp point, couched in overly fancy language.

    Alas, in the midst of the search, I read just a tad too much of the former sort, and I've had to take a wee vacation. I promise my straitjacket is quite nice and comfy.

    (Ahh, and my icon is one of the two still here. I feel even more rebuked for not having reviewed.)

    Huzzah! The ficbitches live! ...now we get to wait for tham to actually prove that, but we've all waited this long, right?

    I realize this is not helpful in the least, but I love you guys and anxiously await more reviews! Would it help if I batted my eyes?

    (Deleted comment)
    hmm, that's a good idea... I'm personally thinking "mysterious body part behaviour" for mine, but perhaps Leather Daddy will be able to think of good (which is to say, not very good) suggestions for this? I also have an idea for a bitching based on those crappy fics which we could categorize, perhaps, as "artificial angst caused by non-canonical dead girlfriend." It's like THE POOR GUY'S LIFE SUCKS ENOUGH IN CANON, YOU NEEDN'T WRITE ABOUT HIM SITTING AROUND PINING FOR SOME DEAD CHICK YOU MADE UP. Wow, I guess the old rage is still simmering under the surface! Maybe I can stir it up into enough energy to write something... anyhow, thanks for your suggestion.

    -- Rebel Toy


    How about reviewing a good or a middling-mediocre fic to point out how things *ought* to work, how an author tried to deal with problem points in a manner that wasn't wholly arbitrary, why the attempted in-fic fixit didn't quite work, how the work could have gone, etc., etc.? Especially if the ficcer in question tried to work on a premise or assumption that would be thought controversial, it'd be nice to see the ficbitches take on that aspect and talk about why they think the author succeeded (or didn't fail spectacularly) where others have gone so very very wrong.

    You could do more MSTs, like you did with the Card Captor Sakura fic.

    Look around on the fanfic rants community, I'm sure you'll find something.

    Try different genres. If any of watch Teen Titans, I'm sure you could find an overly angsty Raven fic.

    Yay! You're alive!

    How 'bout shockfic, in which the author has nothing in mind but being OMG EDGY?

    Yay, the bitches aren't dead. What about AUs that are so AU the story could have been an original story if they changed the character's names.

    (Deleted comment)
    [Dr. Frankenstein Impersonation ]IT'S ALIVE![/Dr. Frankenstein Impersonation ]

    I'm going to second the AU idea. There's only so many high school stories you can read before your eyes start to bleed.

    So glad you're still alive

    I'm so glad you all are still alive. I've missed you terribly. If I run across anything particularly dreadful, I'll point it out. I'm so looking forward to your grand and triumphant return.

    Exultation: Ficbitches are ALIVE!

    Suggestion: How about "fic in which abuse masquerades as kink?" I can't recall seeing that particular foible tackled, and it seems to be something that bears addressing. I can even suggest a specific fic, although I don't know if any of the Bitches are knowledgable in Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom.

    Is your comment *supposed* to remind me of HK-47? If so, loves. :D

    Oh yes, rape-turns-into-luvvy-dovey-sex or "I just torture you because I love you" is one of the most disturbing things in ficdom. Especially in generally happy fandoms - would you CUT OUT the Gravitation death fics, please?

    So, yeah. Muchos happy that you're back and shit, Bitches. Rock on. :D