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I am a zombie, back from the dead!
Note: Velvet Venus here, no special icon this time, since it seems our paid time has run out while we weren't paying attention. Whoops. Hopefully our layout won't disappear while we're wrangling over who is going to pay for the LJ this time. I will admit I feel slightly guilty that our first update this year is coming at the end of August. *cough* Let's ignore all of that though and move onto the fic!

HUNTER X HUNTER :: tear x doll x facing your FEAR
Reviewed by Velvet Venus with smart-ass commentary by Leather Daddy

PLOT: 1/5 (Plausible premise gone completely wrong)
WRITING: 2/5 (A bunch of typos, but the author could reasonably string sentences together.)
RAPE AND MURDER, IN EITHER ORDER: -10/5 (what you expect to see in a Hisoka fic, this is completely lacking)

I love Hunter x Hunter, it has a special place in my heart as one of my first shounen manga loves. Even if the art has regressed to bad line drawings in the more recent chapters of Jump, the story is something that I'll probably always like. Not to mention I know an ungodly amount of trivia about the series since I -well, it's enough to say that I do.

Today we'll be taking a look at one of the more common gems within the HxH fandom, some good old fashioned Hisoka/Gon, second only to Leorio/Kurapika. I won't lie, both of these pairings generally elicit a "WHY GOD, WHY?" type of response from me. That being said, I find Hisoka/Gon the more plausible of the two, given that Hisoka has stated openly several times that if given half the chance, he'd rape Gon three ways from Sunday. Not to mention a rather disturbing scene from the anime during the Hunter exam when it almost looks as if Hisoka is jacking off at the sight of terrified puddle of Gon. I'm pretty sure that Leather Daddy still hasn't forgiven me yet for showing her that. Heh, heh, heh.


The story begins with Killua and Gon deciding to go to a carnival in York Shin City. That's certainly believable, they're both 12-year-old boys who devote a lot of effort to having fun.

[So in the midst of their games (their hard-earned money parted equally, Killua still being the efficient businessman among them) and cotton-candy (Gon liked their stickiness) and the rides, the two had fun.]

Okay, wait a second. Is this the same Killua who spent his $20 or so million winnings ALL ON CANDY the last time he was in the Celestial Tower? So then someone challenges Killua to some kind of shooting contest, which he of course wins. What's the prize? A giant stuffed clown. Killua isn't interested in the prize so he gives it to Gon, who seems to have an odd reaction to the gift. Gon wanders home, clutching the stuffed clown muttering, "It isn't time yet."

Foreshadowing? Sadly, yes.

-A bit of background information here for those of you who haven't seen Hunter X Hunter: Hisoka - one of the main "villains" - is a clown. He has bright red hair, painted white face, clown suit, and occasionally throws playing cards at people. Every time Gon and Killua see something clown related in the series after having met Hisoka, they both tend to get this vaguely horrified look on their face as if remembering something traumatic. Which is probably exactly what happens, seeing as Hisoka takes a SPECIAL interest in Gon's ass skills that causes his crotch to glow occasionally. No, really, I wish I were joking. Hisoka also tends to start moaning excitedly when talking to others about Gon, something that bothers the young lad immensely.

Also, during one fight, one of Hisoka's arms got cut off, his response was to CHEW on the end of his severed arm while laughing gleefully. He then offers up his other arm to be cut off before killing his opponent. Needless to say, Hisoka, homicidal darling that he is, isn't someone who you might define as "sane" or "nice." And any cuddling he might engage in is far more likely to be done with your liver than with you. -

The scene changes and suddenly Kurapika has fallen seriously ill. That wasn't random at all! Leorio is, of course, worried sick that his friend isn't getting better and studying his medical books even more than normal. Killua confesses to Senritsu that he's "worried about Gon," but doesn't explain. I don't even know who Senritsu is, but given that the series has in excess of 200 named characters, that's not really all that surprising. Not to mention there are no consistent romanizations of the names among the English fans.

Scene change again, Gon is happy! And he loves York Shin! It would be nice if there was a little more context or transition between scene beyond a ~*~ in the text.

[Stepping out of the pedestrian lane and into the sidewalk, he let himself grin as countless of people passed him. He was just an ordinary boy, playing with himself. This made him laugh out loud. ] [Emphasis is mine]

Gon! You naughty little boy, don't go doing bad things in public! You'll end up like Hisoka! Gon then goes on to feel slightly guilty for being so happy when Kurapika is still sick. He thinks about this for a bit and the author finally manages to put some context on the mysterious illness. It seems the story is set during the period when Kurapika fell ill after defeating Kuroro from the Genei Ryoudan [Spider Syndicate]. Which, unless you paid close attention to the some aught cryptic authors notes at the beginning of the story, you (like myself) probably missed. Explaining the basic premise of a story in the author's notes is all fine and dandy, but it's not an excuse to not explain the context within the story itself.

Gon's thoughts then invariably wander to the stuffed clown that's waiting sitting at home. Gon is apparently a bit afraid of the stuffed monstrosity and has tried to "lose" it several times, only to be thwarted by Killua and Leorio. Now, reality check: in the actual series, if Gon were to really start lugging around a giant stuffed clown with him, this would cause some serious concern among his friends about his mental well being. They would not say, "oh, how cute! Gon's got himself a stuffed friend!"

Gon once again starts thinking about he's "not ready" yet. How this relates to the stuffed clown, I'm too terrified to guess. Suddenly, Gon realizes he's not alone:

[Indeed, someone had found him, and he knew that ki well. Petrified and shaking, he stared into the darkness. Not yet! he wanted to cry out but the only words that came out were: "I'm here."
A silhouette came out then and a voice said amusedly, "Well. I never expected to see you here."]

Well, that's reasonable enough, Gon does frequently look as if he's about to piddle in his shorts whenever he runs into Hisoka.

There is another symbol that's supposed to indicate a scene chance, except the following part of the story is the same scene, so I'm guessing there is possibly some kind of time jump in the conversation? But that really doesn't make sense either. Perhaps it's a (not) scene change for dramatic effect?

[Hisoka] Well, well, well…what do we have here? >3
[Gon] uh…nothing! Nothing at all! *Attempts to hide behind a tree*

Gon finally gets some courage and tells Hisoka that they have "unfinished business."

[Hisoka spared him a smile. "I suppose you do." Then, as if to himself, he said softly, "My business is done, however. Yet I'm still here."]

Hisoka says he wants some new kinds of business while trying to rub his cheek against Gon. Gon pretends to not know what he's talking about, which just encourages Hisoka.

[Gon bit his lip. "S-stop," he hissed, trying to pull away.
Instantly, Hisoka was at his feet and away from him. The smile had faltered a little but he still looked amused. "Lovers shall part in the night," he announced quietly.]

Now, last time I checked, telling Hisoka to stop was about as effective as grabbing a giant metal pole to lower the changes of getting hit from lightening strikes. After inexplicably backing off, Hisoka lets it be known that he knows Kurapika is sick and that Gon can help cure him for the right price. Gon doesn't understand what Hisoka's implying and before he can figure it out, the clown leaves.

The dialogue in this scene overall seems to be attempting coy and suggestive, instead it ends up being really confusing without the context of what either one of the characters is really thinking. Gon's frequent references to "the right time" make no sense given that we have no idea what he's talking about.

Scene change again, Hisoka has decided to shred off his clothes and take a shower. This, of course, leads to thoughts of Gon (when doesn't it?).

[He couldn't understand. Very few, if any existed at all, gave Hisoka a reason to be apprehensive. It wasn't modesty, it was the truth.
But he could not imagine why seeing a little boy made him feel weak.]

Hisoka, my dear freak, that weakness you feel might have something to do with your glowing crotch.

[This thought angered him and he grabbed a towel to rub his body roughly.
Gon was not strong. His abilities were no match to Hisoka's. The older man should not guard himself all the time when with him. There was simply no need. Gon was weaker and, with all his good intentions, can never match up to his expectations.
Stepping out of the bathroom, he passed by a mirror and caught his face. He was scowling. With a growl, he thought about shattering it but thought better.
He could not believe that seeing a little boy reduced him to feeling an emotion he thought he had already forgotten.
Hisoka never did like feeling scared.]

Reality check again, Hisoka doesn't think that Gon is weak, nor is he afraid of the boy. Particularly since this story is set after the Celestial Tower story arc, where Hisoka and Gon had to fight each other. After their fight in the tower, Hisoka spends a fair amount of time wanking pontificating about how much stronger Gon has become and how he just CAN'T WAIT for Gon to mature so that he can reap the sweet, sweet rewards. He makes it very clear that the thought makes him VERY excited. Hence, the glowing crotch.

Scene change again, Gon goes back to the group's collective apartment to see Kurapika and feel guilty some more about his friend being sick. He goes to bed, only to realize that the stuffed clown is waiting for him in his room! This causes him to think about Hisoka again before falling asleep. If this story were remotely in character, that would probably have caused Gon to wake up screaming half way through the night. >D

Scene change, Hisoka is in bed and sends some kind of message on his mobile phone.

Scene change, Gon wakes up and attempts to explain his new knowledge about Kurapika's illness to Killua without mentioning that he got the information from everyone's homicidal clown. Killua of course spots Gon trying to lie within about 2.3 seconds, yet for some inexplicable reason, decides not to press Gon on the issue. During breakfast, Killua receives a text from his brother Illumi asking for Gon's number. Killua is utterly shocked (along with the rest of us) when Gon tells him to send Illumi his number.

- Okay, more background info, Illumi is Killua's older brother. They're both from a family of assassins, which makes for some pretty fucked up interpersonal relationships. During the final stage of the Hunter test Illumi does some things that cause Killua to go a bit berserk and kill another applicant. This causes Killua to get kicked out of the contest, something that does not sit well with Gon when he finds out. Gon promptly storms into the room where all the applicants are sitting (minus Killua) and breaks Illumi's arm for messing with his friend. To say that the Gon and Killua are not on the best of terms with Illumi is a bit of an understatement. Incidentally, it's right after this that Illumi goes over to talk to Hisoka and says he understands why the clown is so singularly obsessed with the young boy and wouldn't it be such a shame if he died before his time? Hisoka responds something very similar to, "BACK OFF BITCH, I SAW HIM FIRST." -

But all this is water under the bridge, apparently, and Killua sulks for a bit before sending his brother Gon's cell phone number. Why Illumi has to ask Killua for Gon's number is beyond me though, given that they have a 3rd brother, Miruki, who is a computer nerd renowned for his ability to find impossible information. So Hisoka eventually calls Gon. I swear to God, from the conversation written, I wouldn't be half surprised if Hisoka was wanking while making that phone call. They agree to meet again in the park and Gon suddenly realizes that since he's told no one about running into Hisoka, he'll have to backup on his jaunt to the park. Gon could easily tell Killua at this point to get some backup if he feared for his life (which he probably should, given that Hisoka is CRAZY), but that would impede the boysex, so you know it didn't happen.

So they meet after a scene change, Hisoka threatens flirts with Gon some more.

[He looked up just as Hisoka dropped down from the branch he was sitting on. His hair, defying gravity by reaching for the skies, looked like red flames flickering with the poor sunlight. Red flames, Gon remembered distractedly, were one of the most dangerous of all. ]

Wrong. Red flames are one of the coolest in temperature.

[Leather Daddy] You can easily pass your hand through a candle flame with no harm. Try doing that with a white blowtorch.

More flirting, Hisoka informs Gon that he knows of a cure for Kurapika's illness but that it comes at a price.

["I'm tired," the clown said harshly, "of thinking that the day will come when I'll lose to you."
Gon tried to protest, tried to say it wouldn't be for a long time but he couldn't. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead and trickled down his face and cheek. Hisoka noticed this and wiped them away with the back of his hand. "And I'm tired," he continued, "of knowing that I'm your prey as much as you are mine." ]

First of all, Hisoka doesn't think he's going to lose to Gon, ever. Hisoka is impatient for Gon to grow up so they can fight on more equal terms, yes. But think of it more like how a steak lover might watch a cow grow up all the while imagining which cut of beef he's going to have for dinner first. It's not so much fear or nervousness as it is thoughts of FRESH MEAT.

Gon (like the rest of us) has no idea what the hell Hisoka is talking about and is doubly shocked when Hisoka says he has a challenge for Gon as he attempts to stick his tongue down the young boy's throat.

[But Gon was cut short when Hisoka leaned forward to press his lips into his. In his surprise, he gasped and Hisoka's tongue lashed into his, battling with his own tongue. Gon's mind was of rejection, denying that this wasn't real, that the mouth pressed against his was an illusion, that the hardness that was pushing against his legs was not Hisoka but was something else, he just couldn't think of it now. His eyes widened and he stayed still, letting the older man's hands roam over his body, touching his chest and arms, sliding down to hold his immobile wrists. It was maddening and it made Gon hysterically think of a hungry panther stalking its prey.]

Okay, now THAT was in character. I can totally see Hisoka getting a woody and trying to hump a scared stiff Gon.

Gon finally gets control of his wits and tries to push himself away from the full frontal assault. Hisoka takes this as a rejection of his offer, which causes Gon to start screaming melodramatically and demanding to know, "WHY? WHY? WHY?"

Hisoka tells Gon that he doesn't want this, but he seems to need it. I bet Gon's not the first 12 year old that Hisoka's used that line on. Gon says he'll give him his answer tomorrow. Hisoka accepts this for some reason and leaves, allowing Gon to curl up on the ground and cry.

Scene change, Hisoka arrives home to find Illumi waiting for him. Shockingly, Illumi seems to be jealous of Hisoka's interest in Gon. He says he doesn't understand why Hisoka is pursuing such a boring young boy. Never mind that in the manga, Illumi has commiserated with Hisoka on how tasty Gon looks. Or that Hisoka told Illumi to back the hell off his boytoy.

[Velvet Venus] Arg! The two of them get into a bitch fight over GON!
[Leather Daddy] Someone has selective memory of canon. o_o;
[Leather Daddy] She remembers that they interact enough to write porn about, but evidently not the CONTENT of their interaction.
[Velvet Venus] Which is really kind of funny, in a way, since their interaction really does support Hisoka/Gon. Just not the way she's writing it.

Illumi suggests he should just kill Gon to get rid of Hisoka's distraction, which elicits a "BACK OFF, BITCH" response. Gon angsts back at home. Killua suspects that something is amiss. This is also where I gloss over a good 3 or 4 scenes of waffling on Gon's part because I'm getting tired of complaining about the idiocy in this story. Illumi worries, alone in his room, that Gon is going to hurt Killua.

[Leather Daddy] Okay, so Gon's like, "Kurapika needs medicine, must give in to Hisoka's twisted desires, I don't want to do this, no, of course not"

Gon arrives at Hisoka's place and suggests they get on with the show. Hisoka, instead, goes to take a shower. Just as Gon starts to look around, Hisoka reemerges from the shower.

["Are you sure about this?" the jester asked. His voice was strangely raspy.
Gon nodded firmly, not trusting himself to speak.
"Are you frightened?"
The younger Hunter hesitated before admitting quietly, "To death."
There was a pause until Hisoka's equally soft confession, "So am I." ]

[Leather Daddy] LIES, HISOKA.
[Leather Daddy] Me and Hisoka, we understand each other.
[Velvet Venus] Hisoka would be like "it's no fun if you give in, fight! RESIST ME! RUN, LITTLE BOY! >D~~"
[Leather Daddy] Yeah, he'd be like, ">D good!" if Gon said he was scared.
[Leather Daddy] And then he'd waggle his tongue at him.
[Leather Daddy] Now Hisoka is feeling bad because Gon is a virgin!
[Leather Daddy] He can't make love to seduce rape a virgin!
[Velvet Venus] That certainly didn't stop him from humping Gon jacking off during the Hunter test
[Leather Daddy] Gon insists that Hisoka call him by his first name while they're humping.
[Velvet Venus] This is particularly amusing given that Hisoka has never called Gon by anything other than his first name (except for maybe calling his FRESH MEAT) and that Gon's last name is Freaks.
[Leather Daddy] I'd hump Hisoka, but I'd insist on calling him a freak throughout XD

Gon doesn't seem to understand why the "area between his legs" is throbbing. Hisoka is in disbelief that Gon doesn't even know what sex is. But this doesn't stop Gon from wrapping his legs around the older man and rubbing against him like a cat in heat. At various points through the sex scene, the author reminds us that Gon is small, childlike and oh, HEY, only 12 years old! This is starting to remind me a lot of the Wish fanfic we reviewed sometime back.

[Leather Daddy] Oh god, the mental image I'm getting is kind of like a cabbage patch kid eagerly sexing Hisoka up.

[His small mouth enclosed around Hisoka's member and the man gave a loud moan as he watched the boy's ministrations. Vaguely, his hands entangled with Gon's black hair, now drenched with sweat. Into the heated cavern, he thrust up, pushing Gon's head down, not caring if he was gagging. GOD, this boy was everything he had dreamt of, he thought, not caring if he was babbling in his thoughts. No limitations, no reluctance...just pure innocence that he had lost oh so long ago.
He could not manage to fit his whole cock into Gon's throat, no matter how he tried. The boy knew this, though, and he found that Gon was stroking the base of his cock, kneading his balls with his unaccustomed fingers, inflaming him more. He gave a loud gasp, "GON!" and threw back his head, thrusting faster into the touch.]

[Leather Daddy] I swear, Hisoka, if you end up stabbing through the back of Gon's throat, you're going to be annoyed at yourself in the morning.

Hisoka gets so turned on by Gon's small, childlike mouth that he can't stop himself from ejaculating all over Gon's face and mouth. Gon, who until arriving at Hisoka's place appeared to be terrified of the clown, smiles happily that he was able to swallow most of it. Gon, from clueless virgin to cumslut in only 20 seconds! That's certainly an understandable character development.

[Leather Daddy] He seems really happy to have that lungful of spooge. Considering that he's a virgin and FUCKING TERRIFIED OF HISOKA and all.

Gon crawls onto Hisoka, they start making out again. Then Gon starts telling him about his stuffed clown. Maybe it's just me, but if someone started telling me about how they had a stuffed clown they associated with me while we were trying to have sex, I'd be a bit perturbed. Then again, this is Hisoka. This leads to a "tender" moment between the two of them where they decide not to run away from each other anymore. Now, tender is really not one of Hisoka's top qualities, unless it involves tenderizing some tasty fresh meat. Hisoka asks Gon if he trusts him while holding onto the boy's small genitals. Gon, the fool, replies with a "yes!" Me, I'd trust Hisoka to cut out my spleen or possibly kill me. I'd trust Hisoka to cause me severe disfigurement if I allowed his face, teeth or hands anywhere near my precious bits. But that's just me.

[Leather Daddy] I'd trust him to show me a good time, if my idea of "good" involved...well, you get the idea.

They finish having sex. I can't bring myself to talk about it at more length, given the prevalence of adjectives describing Gon's YOUNG, CHILDLIKE, and SMALL body. That and it's making me think of my poor, poor Cabbage-Patch dolls sitting in the attic. My life will never be the same.

[GOD, this boy was everything he had dreamt of, he thought, not caring if he was babbling in his thoughts. No limitations, no reluctance...just pure innocence that he had lost oh so long ago.]

[Leather Daddy] Innocence.
[Leather Daddy] That's a funny thing to bring up when Gon apparently saw Hisoka's dick and went after it like a robin after an earthworm.

After the sex they cuddle for a while, which I can really see Hisoka doing, given his penchant for death, mayhem and violence. Hisoka mentions the medicine for Kurapika, which Gon has apparently completely forgotten about in his sudden and overwhelming cocklust. Never mind that was his entire justification for sleeping with Hisoka in the first place. Gon suddenly doesn't want Hisoka to leave, since he fears it will be the doom of their budding relationships.

[His mouth was pressed against Gon's abdomen and his breath and voice made rumbling vibrations against the boy's skin. His hands absently stroked his thighs, disappearing through the shorts, long fingers almost brushing the hair hidden inside. "There's no reason to run away."]

[Leather Daddy] You expect me to believe that Gon has pubic hair after being dubbed Mr. tiny-hands-and-mouth?

They have sex several more times through the night, since Gon is no longer in any kind of rush to find a cure for his friend. Finally, they manage to stop fucking like rabbits and Hisoka kicks Gon out of the apartment with instructions for Kurapika's medicine. Shortly after Illumi shows up to find Hisoka basking his all his sticky glory on the bed. He tries to get some sloppy seconds and is shocked when Hisoka isn't interested.

[Irumi did not known, yet he laughed, flicked at Hisoka's wrist where his hand that held Irumi's hair was connected, and pulled away. He laughed and laughed, but Hisoka understood.
Never again, he thought grimly, satisfied.
Irumi, after all, was still afraid of his brother. ]

I would by lying if I said I understand exactly what happened during that scene with Illumi. Why exactly Illumi would be afraid of any of his brothers is not explained, nor is it really supported by the series. In fact, the opposite is generally true.

Back at home, Kurapika is feeling better and everyone but Leorio is happy. He wants to know where Gon got the medicine and asks if the illness was nen induced. He says something about someone "breaking the chain's law," but this really makes no sense at all if you know anything about Kurapika's nen skill. His skill has been explained at length in the manga and it's been stated the only way the chains could hurt Kurapika was if he broke the pact he made to acquire the skill (which was that he only use the skill on the people who killed his clan, the Genei Ryoudan). If someone else bound by his chains broke the rules, they would die. Kurapika is VERY clear about this when he explains this to Kuroro.

Gon won't tell Leorio who he got the medicine from, only that it was a good experience for him. Please, kill me. Later that night the story ends with Gon molesting fondling hugging his plush clown and drawing a tear on it's face to match Hisoka's.

I have to say, this story takes a vaguely plausible set up: Hisoka tries to coerce Gon into having sex by offering to save his friends. But then the author runs in the complete opposite direction of any kind of canon support. Somehow Gon has become a cock loving 12 year old and Hisoka has felt the luring touch of TRUE LOVE.

Which is probably exactly what happens, seeing as Hisoka takes a SPECIAL interest in Gon's ass skills that causes his crotch to glow occasionally. No, really, I wish I were joking.

Glowing crotch. It truly is a horrifying thing.

Thanks! Mind if we link to that picture in the entry?

HOLY SHIT! Have I NOT been waiting for you to do this fic. Thank you so fucking much. It's about damn time.

I've never even heard of HxH, and still this story will give me nightmares. Why and how does his crotch glow? Is it the healing light or something? Argh.

On a side note, welcome back!

w00t for updatage! :D

Awesome as always!

(Deleted comment)
Senritsu was the short, half-bald, bucktoothed woman who became somewhat close to Kurapika after Kurapika became a bodyguard for what's-her-name, the spoiled girl who was able to prognosticate by scribbling on a piece of paper. Kuroro stole her ability, I remember. Senritsu's special ability was music, because she and a friend once listened to the Devil's music or something like that, and she could hear melodies--she could distinguish individual heartbeats and tell if someone was lying or telling the truth by listening to it. Senritsu was awesome.

But anyway! Oh wow, was this fanfic ever full of wrong. I've never seen the anime, just read scanslations of the manga (I think I'm a little behind, actually), but...urk. Poor Gon. I'm not sure what would be worse, rape as Hisoka would properly do, or this utter character-rape. @_@;

Incidentally, there's also a time when Killua, Gon, and two others are on Greed Island and find Hisoka bathing when they try to find Kuroro (Hisoka had entered Greed Island under Kuroro's name), and as Hisoka's talking to Gon (BUCK NAKED), he, um, gets hard. (Well, you don't actually see him get hard, but as in the first panel his speech bubble covers up his naughty bits, and in the second panel that speech bubble is suddenly much smaller, and Gon and the others are reacting with "OMFG WRONG", I think it's pretty safe to assume that Hisohiso got a stiffy.) This recounting has nothing to do with the fic or the review, but I figure if we're talking about Hisoka/Gon here, I might as well bring it up and see if anyone else remembers. <_<

Senritsu was pure awesome. I have pure shining virgin/cumslut love for her.

Now I'm going to have to go back and check my manga, because I failed to notice the creepy Hisoka stiffy moment.

...so disturbed...

It occurs to me that Hisoka/Gon fangirls are like 90% of what's wrong with fandom today. When a mangaka deliberately creates a relationship that while establishing it to be as creepy, pedophiliac, and rapetastic as possible... and then fangirls jump on board and not only do they take up the cause, but they make it creepy pedophiliac rape full of LUUUUUV.

What an excellent approach for a triumphant return. XD

Dun dun da-dun, welcome to Yami no Matsuei fandom! Feel the pain!

Now, reading this, if anyone creates HxH!Hisoka/YnM!Hisoka, my brain will melt.

That said, nice to hear of a manga that recognizes the innate horrific nature of clowns.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Shit, man, I thought your name was Ian...

Oh, God, child porn and rape-to-romance all in one. Ew. --;;

I've learned relatively quickly that HxH fic is something one should avoid at all costs. Moreso than King of Fighters fic. Good to se a new review after... well, forever. =)

Where are all the good HxH fanfics? Why must we always have to endure mountains of creepy vomit-inducing shit in fandom? Don't these crazy fangirls realize it's fucked-up shit like this that'll drive people away? Is this intentional, or is there something really wrong with the authors responsible?

Great review, by the way, as always. I can hardly wait for the next one.

Altho I've never seen HxH, Hisoka seriously reminds me of Kefka from FF3/6. HMM.
Well, aside from rampant boylust that is.

(Deleted comment)
That's it. I'm showing this to some friends who are diehard Hisoka fangirls. They'll hate me.

Ficbitches...back...I have but one thing to say:


Anyway, great review. My mom thinks I'm insane now, due to the hysterical laughter emanating from my bedroom at 1:00 AM. And to think, I'd almost managed to become normal while you guys were gone.