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Yes, we're still alive.


No, we haven't vanished off the face of the earth - we're still here, we just have lives outside of fanfiction, and (obviously) this is a hectic time period for everyone.

But! We have a mission for you, o loyal ficbitch followers! You see, a long long time ago, there existed a King of Fighters fic so special that we giggled about it for hours on end, and still laugh about it today. Alas, in FF.net's Great Pr0n Purge, we fear it may have been lost... forever. That's where you folks come in: We need your help finding this little nugget of... uh, joy?

*GH* I should have picked up Chris x Yashiro doujin for one of you
*RT* you, you should have XD
*PF* no chris x yashiro doujin will ever beat that fanfic
*RT* ah, well
*PF* where yashiro gave chris aids and shermie killed yashiro with a plate while he had her locked in solitary confinement
*LD* ...xd
*RT* oh, the one where shermie killed the HIV-positive rapist fucktard yashiro with a dinner plate?
*PF* yeah, that one XD
*GH* Do you guys still have the URL for that?
*PF* i think it was on fanfic.net
*PF* so maybe
*PF* i dunno if it was rated NC-17 or not
*LD* so many gems were lost with the Great Porn Purge.
*PF* what I remember of it was that Chris got AIDS from yashiro, who raped him repeatedly, and Shermie tried to protect Chris, so Yashiro locked her in a room
*PF* and when he gave her food on a plate, she broke the plate, cut his throat, and then killed herself
*PF* in the sequel, Chris escapes, becomes an angsty nightclub musician, and meets some Marty Stu named Adam
*PF* (i think it was Adam)
*Bystander* wtf is this PF?
*PF* and they have these vaguely homosexual moments
*Bystander* ...
*PF* where Adam sits around all, like, translucently
*PF* and Chris angsts
*PF* and that's all I remember.

There you have it. Anyone have any leads?

Oh, and we're trying to figure out what happened to the layout. We'll sic our resident HTML mistress on this one right away.

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A while back LJ reset all custom styles to Default. You should be able to just re-activate the style in question. :)

(Deleted comment)
You know, I don't recall seeing that one. Maybe it got thrown into the spambox by mistake (because, in spite of our best efforts, we still get spammed to high heaven. It's inevitable.). Or maybe Hotmail spontaneously ate it for no really good reason. Hmmm.

Jesus. That sounds...wow. I'll keep an eye out for it.

(Deleted comment)
Weird - I don't think we got that one, either.

What mail services are you guys using?

(Deleted comment)
Try sending it again - if it doesn't go through, we know we've got a problem.

I'll search for that KOF fic...it sounds...very...very.............well, it sounds very.

*must read it*

The Great Porn Purge was indeed a loss....and, speaking of emails, I sent you guys an email recently...I just hope that you recieved it?

After extensive and exhausting search (read: ten minutes, but I am Google R0XX0RZ so nyeh), I think this gem of a badfic is truly lost forever.

Cursed by the Pr0n Purge. I mean, where else can I find Laguna Loire tentacle rape?

I used Google for an hour with no result. Kurse you SEEDS.. er, FF.Net Porn Purge!

Bad KoF fic is the best kind of bad fic. EVAR. I'm pretty sad that this one's been lost to us forever, though. That's okay though, there's easily thousands more where that one came from... now that I think about it, are there any good KoF fic? I think I've read maybe two in my entire existance.

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