February 20th, 2011

Leather Daddy

Oh dear

*tap, tap*

Is anyone still out there?

We do still live, but I have a request! Fandom has become so huge and bizarre and full of kinkmemes and so on that it's hard to keep up with what's good...as well as with what's terrible.

So, my request is:

(1) Do you guys still want to see any reviews? There's plenty of badfic mockery sites, but given sufficient interest, I'm sure we could give it a go again.
(2) What fandoms do you want us to start combing for fic?
(3) Any specific requests? With links?

On the other hand, we're also willing to look at fics that aren't godawful (not like Chocobo Nights or something), but ones that are more....deeply misguided. Go off the rails. Start off interesting, but then everyone ends up weeping and wrist-slitting and so on.

I figured I'd ask, since there are still about five hundred people who have this journal friended. Long time no see!

~ Leather Daddy