February 27th, 2005


We *are* still alive.

If anyone's still around....(which I'd be surprised to learn)....we're still around. Now, there are a bunch of lame-ass excuses reasons for this long hiatus, most of which you can guess yourself.

  • "Real life"
  • "Oh, I am oh-so-busy with school/work, which is why I just wasted 17 hours reading porn online"
  • "Nonsense, I don't read badfic anymore"

    Personally, the reason I haven't posted in forever is that although I still read badfic by the metric fuckton, it was all shitty in the same way. The point of this little hobby was not to make fun of all the badfics for being bad; that's like making fun of every stupid person you pass on the street! It'd never end! Although some fics I tackled for their sheer WTF-factor, because it would be amusing, I honestly tried to pick fics which had problems that a lot of other fics had, that I could talk about in general. A theme, if you will.

    So eventually I hit a wall: "Well, I've covered terrible plotting, terrible characterization, Mary Sues, uber-feminization of male characters, thesaurus abuse, etc...what's left?"

    But I finally thought of something! Now, to find one of the many characteristic fics and post something. Rebel Toy, I believe, is also pondering something. (Or at least she was this morning when we met for breakfast.)

    So, don't hold your breath, but I'll figure something out. (Of course, if you have any suggestions to prod our lazy asses into action, feel free to comment.)

    ~ Leather Daddy
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