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Where's the yoroi-ero?
Howdy all, Gunstar here. Yeah, we've been slacking too much, we know. I'm going to be working on getting out another review in the nearish future, so please look forward to it.

Today, we're giving you another fine effort from ficbitch follower Voidstar, for a title from one of the more popular fandoms as of late.

But first, special request from moi: I finished Tales of Symphonia a couple of weeks ago, and enjoyed it a lot. Of course, like any semi-popular RPG, it's bound to have tons of mediocre-to-gawdawful-terrible fic for it. I am tempted to see what's out there, yet at the same time I am wary to have to wade through mountains of wackyrandomfun crap and angsty character poetry to find the really horrible ones. So if you know of any abyssmally bad Symphonia fic for me to savage, give me a link. Conversely, if you know of any *good* ToS fic that is Regal-centric, point me right to it.

I'm expecting a ratio of about 100/1 for these requests.

OK, on with the show!

EDIT: Velvet Venus here to just let you know that we've changed our email, you can now reach us at healingcock (at) gmail (dot) com!

FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST :: Best Birthday Present Ever
Guest-Reviewed by VoidStar

SCORING: PLOT: 1/5 (Poorly thought out post-series scenario)
CHARACTERIZATION: -1/5 (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SCAR/ROY, although it's mainly about weird OOC Ed and Al stuff)
WRITING: 1/5 ("We laid on the bed correctly"; plus, lots of random Japanese thrown in)
VoidStar here again. And I've brought more horrid slash! Aren't you all thrilled? Well, AREN'T YOU?

I just...I just don't know.Collapse )