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The hurt that keeps on giving.
Velvet Venus
Fake :: Shame
Reviewed by: Velvet Venus

PLOT: 2/5

Fake is a manga that will always have a special place in my heart. It was one of my first true yaoi-oriented fandoms and I've always loved the series. Not only was the developing romance interesting, so was the plot. So, every so often, when I feel like abusing myself, I'll wander back over to Fake archives and find horrifying things to read (think of Leather Daddy's relationship with TPM, only with no mpreg). Now, there is one particularly prolific author whose stories seem to have become rather popular among Fake fans. I had quite a time trying to pick just one specific story to ficbitch. She's written so many and it's like a field of gold. There was the Mary Sue tries to rape Ryo story, the Cal becomes an all-knowing sex advisor for Dee and Ryo story, or the story with the satanic homophobe detective. I was really tempted to pick that last one; it had some spectacularly bad lines like, "Too fast for you, Baby? S'okay. Don't worry. I shouldn't have given you a taste of sex college when we're still in sex elementary," and "Dee's cock was in seventh heaven, drooling, begging, pleading for a good hump in the ass it was buried in."

So you say to yourself, Fake is a canonically yaoi series, you can't bitch about how out of character the pairing or characters are!

How wrong you are, my dear readers.Collapse )

NOTE FROM LEATHER DADDY: Sorry for the long hiatus. This is a shameful confession, but, uh...we have lives. However! I am working on my next review. O-tanoshimi ni, to give you your fangirl Japanese for the day. As for the ficbitch t-shirt designs - no, we haven't forgotten about them, and we're still collecting them!

And one final note:

Leather Daddy: what is it about the greyarchive? is it like a silent dog whistle for deviants?
Velvet Venus: that would explain why you're going through it XD