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My stomach feels better!!

The Legend of Zelda :: Burning for You
Reviewed by: Gunstar Heroine

PLOT: 1/5 (PWP)
CHARACTERIZATION: 1/5 (Link has asexual tendencies, Zelda is an evil bitch, and Ganon is now the sexiest thing in Hyrule. Right.)
WRITING: 2/5 (Knows grammar, punctuation, and most spelling, but this does not stop the PURE CHEESE within)
HUNGER INDUCEMENT: 5/5 (It's magically Link-a-licious!)

There's many different types of badfic out there. Some make your head hurt. Some make you angry. Some make you wonder what drugs the author does on a regular basis. And some make you want to flee away from the computer screaming and begging dear God never to make you see such horrifying things again.

Then, there's that special subcategory of badfic which is just, in some way or another, so completely out there that you simply CANNOT STOP LAUGHING. Yes, it's awful stuff, but it's awful in a thoroughly amusing fashion.

My pick of today, Burning for You, is one of those fics. From the minute I first glanced upon the text, I realized that this was going to be nothing short of concentrated hilarity. At first I thought it was a joke fic, but no, all indicators seem to point to the fact that this author was trying to be serious, inadvertently making the whole thing even more comical.

Let's take a look at this very special work, shall we?

A wise man once said, 'the best comedy is unintentional.'Collapse )