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Fun for the whole family!


For almost two years now, we here at SttH have been been the bringers of pain with some of the most boring, incomprehensible, and all-around dumb fics out there.

Now, we want you to bring the pain to *US*. And share with others.

Thanks to the wonders of Livejournal and their superb comments system, we can now hold little diversions like this game. Today, we present the very first Ficbitches Badfic Scavenger Hunt!

Here's how to play:

- We give out basic concept for fic.
- You remember something you saw earlier, or if you're really masochistic, go searching for such fics, and then post them here for everyone to read, comment on, and probably recoil in horror from.
- When posting, you post link to fic and what category it falls under.
- Posting a different example in a category someone's already found a fic in is perfectly fine and, in fact, encouraged. That way we can cross-mock. Er, I mean, compare.

Not all of the ideas we are giving are horribly awful, but may be things that go against stupid fanon characterization/stereotypes. Also note that these are NOT invitations to actually write some of this stuff. If you do, we'd have to kill you.

And now, let the MASS HURTING begin!Collapse )