May 10th, 2003

Leather Daddy

STREET FIGHTER :: Bóku wa yuku nó wa iyá da

Street Fighter :: Bóku wa yuku nó wa iyá da
Thank god for C/P...
Reviewed by: Leather Daddy

PLOT: 1/5 (Ryu sits on a step for a while until Ken forgives his sorry ass and lets him back inside the dojo)
CHARACTERIZATION: 0/5 (Ken got a back-alley sexchange courtesy of Shadaloo, probably, and Ryu's masculinity is in question as well)
WRITING: 4/5 (Not bad, gotta admit that much.)

Before we begin, a sample conversation between the FicBitches.

* Leather Daddy is getting so tired of reading these snape-apologist fics
[Leather Daddy] especially when he all of a sudden is a handsome vampire.
[Velvet Venus] or just randomly attractive? despite him being so NOT attractive in the movie and deliberately described as unattractive in the books?
[Rebel Toy] maybe some people think "greasy" means "shiny with love."
[Rebel Toy] like fabio.
[Leather Daddy] that's why! XDDD
[Gilded Fantasy] We figure Snape's scalp secretes lube
[Rebel Toy] o.o
[Leather Daddy] So next are going to be the scalp-fucking fics?
[Velvet Venus] XD
[Gilded Fantasy] XD
[Leather Daddy] well, I mean, you could hold onto the hair, and...
[Rebel Toy] so when he's having sex with hermione he rubs his head in her hair pie?
[Leather Daddy] wait, let's just not go there, okay?
* Leather Daddy snorts mountain dew out through her nose, OW!
[Leather Daddy] goddammit, [Rebel Toy]!

There's something wrong with us.

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