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The Addams Family :: The UPS Guy (http://www.angelfire.com/pop2/elzano/ups.htm)
Velvet Venus
The Addams Family :: The UPS Guy

Reviewed by: Velvet Venus

CHARACTERIZATION: 0/5 (what characterization?)
PLOT: 1/5

First off, welcome to our new home at LiveJournal, everyone! After talking about moving for almost a year, the ficbitches finally got off their collective asses and moved themselves over to a new home. There are several new features, first, you’ll notice the spiffy menu to your left, those links are sorted by Ficbitch and if you go to our memories section you’ll also find stories sorted by series. Another new feature is you can now leave comments on each individual entry; we’ve updated the FAQ on our policies for both LJ and comments, so if you want to leave a comment read this first.

NOTE: Feel free to comment on any and all of the older reviews; we know that people have disagreed with some of them in the past, and now's your chance to comment! Well, if you liked the review, drop us a line too. ~ LD

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