September 9th, 2002


Lucifer's Dark Angel: In Toto (

Lucifer's Dark Angel: In Toto

Reviewed By: Lunar Love

Gentle Reader, despite my continuing participation in this site, I have always fancied myself a kind -- nay, a benevolent -- person.

It has been proven to me now that I was, in fact, gravely mistaken.

It is much to the despair of the other Ficbitches that I occasionally -- often -- take sidesteps away from the site's original purpose, that of fic review. Oh, I still tread a path parallel to theirs, Gentle Reader. And today I intend to take another sidestep, for your enlightenment, and for mine. In the best spirit of ficbitching, Gentle Reader, I wish to present to you one particular authoress and her forty-nine works.

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