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CHRONO CROSS :: LOVE'S PRISONER (http://fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=90500)

Reviewed by: Rebel Toy

CHARACTERIZATION: 1/5 (they don't even stay consistently OOC)
PLOT: 0/5 (it was a PWP, with a predictable ending and unresolved loose ends.)
WRITING: 3/5 (not great, but the sex was good and the other problems could be corrected by a competent beta reader.)
GIFT ABUSE: 5/5 (I wouldn't wipe another guy's man juice on something my boyfriend gave me.)

This fic was a recommendation given to me by a friend, who had a few other choice things to say about it as well. She posted her comments on her blog, which I won't be linking to in the interests of our half-assed anonymity, but I'll be including some of them. If you recognize them, good for you. If not, even better.

WARNING: Minor Chrono Cross spoilers will be in this review.

Hot Whiny, Bratty, Unpleasant Action!Collapse )