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now 10% easier to use!
Sorry to disappoint you, but this is an administrative notice, not an actual review.

Just to let y'all know, Slap To The Head! is now also accessible via http://www.ficbitches.org. It'll be easier to link to us and that URL will continue to point to the current location of the Ficbitches, should the site move in the future. Don't worry - we haven't left LiveJournal, nor do we plan to.

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i couldn't find a guestbook . . .

But I was wondering. Do you guys u review tell the authors you review that they're being reviewed? Like, do you shark around FFnet and leave messages like 'you have been bitch-slapped, please proceed to (http . . .) to receive your slap to the head'? Or something?

or do they have to find this place on their own?

Usually we attach a note informing them to the carbomb that we send to their house, but in this difficult economy we've had to streamline our expenses. Or so Pink Freak tells me.

But seriously, we don't generally notify the authors. This has more to do with the amount of effort required to find their contact information than the lack of desire to contact them. Although readers have frequently informed authors in the past that they've been reviewed.

-Velvet Venus

No updates

Well, I'm gad it's easier to use. I'll day that.

But I've been away from my computer and there haven't been any updates. It seems to be easier, but slower.

It's been crunch time for all of us. School, work, and whatnot. That whole Real Life thing. There's definitely plans on the horizon, though.

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