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The triumph of the human spirit, this ain't.
Leather Daddy


Compiled by: Leather Daddy

PLOT: 0/5 (You can detect certain trends, but the variety is rather amazing.)
WRITING: 0/5 (Come on, people, how hard is it to spell "tongue" in your pr0n searches?)

I'm too busy now to write up a full review, but instead, I invite you to take a look at a small sampling of the referrals our tracker on pitas picks up. This is from three days in March 2002, I believe - or was it 2001? At any rate, which is your favorite? >D

Yahoo: girls milk men and cum comes out
Google: "legend of Zelda" fanfiction yaoi
Google: gundam wing fanfic abomination
Google: super sperm + jeans + dry humping
Google: erotic giant inflating breasts stories
Yahoo: "woman" "prison" femslash
Google: Bulma goes to high school fanfiction
Yahoo: i want to make a girl sequel by sticking it up her cunt for a game let me play
Google: "not have hungry for eat food"
Google: violent blowjob slap happy
Yahoo: pippin spanking
Google: potion rape of the natural order harry potter
Google: ticklish guys get aroused
Yahoo: legolas +mpreg
Yahoo: day [o 'peeve
Google: Benimaru Is Gay?
Yahoo: tifa and aeris lesbian stories from final fantasy 7
Yahoo: athena's sex toy
Yahoo: raiden loves snake
Elven cock homosexual
Yahoo: Ranma with a dick in his mouth
Yahoo: story about heroine and bad characters
Google: cum bath story
Google: yuzuriha+kusanagi+fanfic
Yahoo: Digimon and Pokemon Crossover Fanfiction
Google: ranma-chan and akane kuno lemon
Google: Springfield XD review
Yahoo: Gimli/Legolas¡¡Diamond@slash
Google: Elrond fanfiction
Google: riley and Buffy romance fanfiction
Google: gorillaz slash
Google: "yaoi" "uke" "weeping"
Yahoo: K.O.F Yuri naked
Yahoo: bondage+king+of+fighters
Yahoo: hentai ranks
Google: digimon fanfic passionate
Yahoo: oh nick please not so quick buy
Google: Noodle 2D slash fics
Yahoo: euphamisms are they good or bad
Yahoo: Anorexic Fanfiction
Google: Tifa and Cloud having sex
Yahoo: Pokemon smut fanfics
Google: Harry Potter Lemon Fanfiction
Google: mary sue fanfic
Google: "Is JC gay?"
Yahoo: Hiko Fic
Google: filthy smut
Yahoo: drunk passwords
Yahoo: porn Yumi Komagata
Yahoo: digimon sexy story site!
Google: glorfindel slash fic
Google: kof plot
Google: Relena-bashing Fics
Yahoo: Yue's Fanfiction
Yahoo: cruel intentions fanfiction
Yahoo: JC Chasez Mpreg stories
Yahoo: jurassic park fanfiction
Google: +legolas +fanfic +slash
Google: Angelus Fanfiction
Google: body piercing scaring ugly problems
Yahoo: aragorn and legolas sex fanfics
Yahoo: n'sync mpreg
Yahoo: mpreg fanfic harry potter
Google: totoro hentai
Google: petshop of horrors fanfiction
Google: fanfiction adult heterosexual gundam wing
Google: JC Chasez daddy fanfiction
Yahoo: legolas having sex
Google: Ai no kusabi fanfiction
Yahoo: real people fanfiction
Google: mpreg gundam yaoi
Google: Slash Mpreg Yaoi
Google: Generic Miko fanfiction
Google: kenshin fanfiction collapsed
Google: stop ejactulation
Google: captor sakura sex fanfiction
Google: jedi outcast cue fix
Google: "James Bond" cock
Yahoo: kenshin had sex with kaoru
Yahoo: hiko aoshi yaoi
Google: gundam bitches
Google: cousin loves the incest
Yahoo: FREE story screw ejaculate
Yahoo: card captors crossover fanfiction
Yahoo: kensou loves athena
Google: kenshin and tomoe having sex
Yahoo: vicious hentai
Yahoo: Sailor Moon Crossover fanfiction
Yahoo: Memento fanfiction
Google: digimon romantic fanfic
Google: bitch slave slap
Google: Phantom of the Opera fanfiction
Google: kenshin and kaoru romantic story
Yahoo: butchering gay boys stories
Yahoo: Queeny Love passwords
Google: what makes hentai pornographic
Google: Japanese phrases, making out, sex
Google: fanfiction term ooc
Google: yuri & friends kof hentai
Yahoo: +Fanfiction +sex +rape
Google: gui-gon obi-wan fanfiction
Google: Final-Fantasy written sex stories erotic
Yahoo: fanfiction from hell slash
Google: Kenshin porn
Google: "scary sex" "pictures"
Google: Fuckin' Good hentai king of fighters
Google: kof sex girls manage
Google: severus snape mpreg fiction
Yahoo: gundam wing fic "I Said I Loved You But I Lied"
Yahoo: ranma digimon fanfic
Google: saitou sanosuke fanfiction
Yahoo: Lord of the rings fanfiction Legolas angst
Yahoo: incest sex stories for readers to read only on non pay sites
Yahoo: head of dead people
Yahoo: squall is sexy

Oh, and for those people who want our real names and real email addresses:

You're only getting my real name and address if you're sending me MONEY or PR0N.

Enjoy! ^_~

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Strangely enough, THIS one is the one that made me laugh-so-much-I-cried the most. So I'm either incredibly jaded, or hopelessly weird.

Or both <:).

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