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Continued from the previous post.

Seeing young Touya stare too long at a seemingly empty spot in the street, hearing his intentionally muffled speech as if he was immersed in an apparently interesting conversation while no other voice could be heard inside his hollow door-locked room but his own.

[Legato] his room is locked with doors?
[Vash] Touya's room is HOLLOW, imagine that!
[Wolfwood] [Fujitaka] What are you doing in there, son? [Touya] (voice muffled) Nothing, dad, just...shaving.
[Vash] [Fujitaka] I hear a lot of intentionally muffled speech in there when he's got Yukito over.

All these couldn't help but feeding the possibility.

[Wolfwood] Do Not Feed The Possibility.

His wandering hand was incoherently drawing mindless patterns with the back of the red pen over the battered, totally forgotten exam, as his abstracted hazel stare was absorbed by the mute contemplation of the now darkened ceiling.

[Legato] can we have a verb tense agreement here?
[Vash] O_O he's DRAWING ALL OVER someone's exam?!
[Wolfwood] man, I feel bad for the poor kid whose test that is.
* Legato takes away fujitaka's red pen and starts crossing out 'ing's
[Legato] no, it's the back of the pen.
[Legato] I think.
[Vash] still, the kid's gonna be like, "Fujitaka-sensei, why's my paper all battered?"
[Vash] [Fujitaka] it talked smart to me. It got what was coming to it.
[Wolfwood] [Fujitaka] I used it to make pancakes.
[Wolfwood] Get it? Battered? XD XD
[Vash] ...... >_>;;
* Legato paints a hazel stare in an abstract, chiaroscuro fashion.
* Wolfwood runs for cover
[Vash] Wait, now his eyes are Hazel.
* Legato throws a spike at Wolfwood.
[Legato] I thought his hair was hazel and his eyes were caramel.
* Legato gets hungry and orders a piece of caramel hazelnut cheesecake.
[Vash] I wonder what color his hair has become. O_o;
[Wolfwood] maple sugar.

The early loss of his mother really hadn't help out much with Touya's fixed obsession with death, and the thankfulness for his abandon of such scary stories had equally provided the so satisfying hint he had finally and totally grown to accept the sad event of her pass away.

[Vash] [Touya] mom's pass away really sucked.
[Legato] [nadesico] *passes away the ball to Touya*
* Wolfwood special orders a side of suffixes
[Wolfwood] heavy on the -ed and -ing, please.

"I talked to mother the other night."

[Wolfwood] Sure you did, and I talked to the Queen of England, kiddo.

Sadness and longing as deep as he had ever known couldn't be helped but dawning inside his ever-remembering heart as he thought about all this.

He wondered if he would ever be able to accept it himself...

* Legato crosses out another 'ing'
[Vash] I wasn't aware that "dawning" is usable in a negative context of an ongoing emotional state, such as, "Sadness dawned in his heart."
[Legato] Vash, don't think about it. Your head will explode.
[Wolfwood] if his heart is ever-remembering, why does he need all that organization that he talked about earlier?
[Wolfwood] if my heart was a filofax, I don't think I'd bother with that stuff.

The rolling storm clouds apparently moved over to another spot of the huge indigo skies, and the pale bathe of moonlight abruptly penetrated the soft darkness again with its unrequited, acute brightness, hurting his eyes and driving his soul into uneasiness, as if by the means of some unknown, alien

[Vash] [aliens] here's your moon back. We bathed it.
[Legato] [Fujitaka] damnit, who moved the clouds in my indigo sky?
[Wolfwood] [darkness] Oh YES, Moonlight! Harder, Harder, Penetrate me MORE!
[Legato] Is this some sort of weather lemon?
[Legato] Or did she borrow phrases from that Wish lemon?
[Wolfwood] yeah, there's one about hailstorms later in the series. That one is HOT!

It was impossible to remain unaltered, he sternly reminded himself in almost sort of a self recrimination, since moonglow itself carried with it the memory and even presence of what he had...

[Vash] all that was supposed to happen "momentaneously"?
[Vash] sure took a long-ass time.

He shook his caramel hair-crowned head in vehement refusal to be reminded of such unsettling events any further.

[Vash] okay, so now his hair is caramel and his eyes are hazel?
[Wolfwood] Vash, don't think too hard about it, Legachu is right.
* Wolfwood orders a Caramel Hazelnut coffee

He had been working too much, had abandoned himself to his studies and lost countless hours of sleep during the last weeks, finals coming over like an unstoppable tsunami which, unlike most students knew, also affected the teachers' mind health. He had gently ignored his younger daughter's loving,
childish advise that daddy should be getting more sleep if he wanted to stay clear-minded and instead forced that state of absolute consciousness by the unhealthy means of aspirin and coffee.

[Legato] He ignored Sakura's lovin' in favor of Touya's, apparently.
[Vash] His younger daughter, like he's got an older one. She must hang out with his younger son. Poor cast-off things.
* Wolfwood envisions Fujitaka popping Bayers and washing them down with Sanka like a junkie.
[Wolfwood] must...have...more...FOLGERS...CRYSTALS!
[Vash] [George of the Jungle] Coffeecoffeecoffecoffeecoffeecoffee! COFFEE!
[Vash] [Fujitaka] My mind health is deteriorating!
[Legato] [finals] I'm coming over for coffee and YOU CAN'T STOP ME! muahahaha!

He now was simply paying the price for it.

[Legato] [clerk] that'll be 11,000 yen, please.
[Wolfwood] $2.79 for a king sized can of instant coffee.
[Legato] $5.00 for a bottle of aspirin.
[Legato] $19.68 for a king-sized box of Trojans (including tax)
[Wolfwood] molesting your son from early childhood? priceless.
[Vash] I think that's all of this fic we can take today. More sessions to follow.

[16:12] *** Disconnected
Session Close: Tue Jul 03 16:12:37 2001

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Absolute concentrated goodness.

Hehe. Weather lemon. *snickers*

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