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Mailbag Day!
Mailbag Day!

by: Gilded Fantasy

o/~ Mailbag day, mailbag day, hey everybody it's mailbag day! o/~

We've been a little negligent on replying to the emails we get. Well, okay, REALLY negligent. So here for your pleasure and enjoyment, I will be addressing some of the email we get.

Mail Type #1: Fic Reccomendations

We get a lot of these. So many that we simply can't deal with them all. Often these are for series that none of us are qualified to review. What do I mean by being "qualified to review?" Well, it's not really possible to accurately review a fic for a series you're not that familiar with. It makes it impossible to tell if the characterization is accurate (the reverse side of the coin is you can't write a good fic for a series you're not familiar with). Most other reccomendations simply haven't been used because we haven't had the time to get to them. We are real people, and while we love you all, things like school and jobs have to take precedence sometimes.

Mail Type #2: Applications

We get lots of these too, probably even more than reccomendations. As it says in the FAQ, we don't accept most people we don't know. That doesn't mean sending us an application is pointless. We keep them around. We have a whole mail folder full of the things. We're also more likely to consider applications that are well written and include links to fics that you have written. Think of it as a resume rather than an application to a netclique.

Mail Type #3: Requests for Editing on a Fic

We've gotten a couple of these. Editing is a lot of work, even more work than writing a review because in reviews we don't point out every single error in the writing. As stated previously we don't have a lot of time often, so we've kind of avoided these (bad us, no biscuit). However, if you ask a paticular ficbitch nicely, they may agree to do it (this applies to finished fics only... reviewing a fic in progress is an absolute pain in the ass). There are no guarantees. Some advice for self-editing: use a spell checker, ask yourself if the character REALLY act like that, and everything you're trying to express should be written out for the reader to easily understand (we're not mind readers). It also helps to reread things after staying away from them for a few weeks. If you can say you've done all those things, then it's time to ask other people to edit.

Mail Type #4: Author's Comments on our Reviews

We've gotten these from two authors. These are generally written along the lines of "why did you say that?" and generally feelings have been hurt. We feel bad about this; while we're bitchy and fanfiction that wasn't spellchecked quickly raises our collective backs, we aren't purposely trying to be mean. Hopefully these have been answered as quickly as possible (*hint*hint* my fellow bitches). We're happy to clairify to the author anything we have said in a review (and probably in a much nicer, more polite way, seeing as we appreciate it when people actually care about their writing). The goal of the site is to make constructive comments, not merely bash fics we don't like.

Mail Type #5: Questions on Terminology

Check the ficbitch dictionary. Most terms are in there, the exception being MST. An MST is treating a fic in the same way that movies were treated on Mystery Science Theater 3000. This is a line by line heckling of a fic. I would reffer you to The Satellite of Revolution for an excellent example of this but it seems to have gone missing; however, the excellent (anime and game-themed) SVAM is still up.

Mail Type #6: Praise

Ah yes, praise. We love praise as much as anyone, it makes us feel like we're doing something. Given our policy and the nature of our site however, we're just as happy to take constructive criticism. "You suck!" is not constructive. "You're wrong about ______" is constructive. If you want to tell us that we suck, please have a good reason. We'll be more than happy to take useful advice.

I think I've covered most of the email. Hopefully in the future email responses will be much more prompt. I've nominated myself to be the mail wench and look after emails and as necessary reply or bring them to people's attention. If anything that you feel neccesary was not addressed here, please mail us.

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I approve. *Insert pompous nod here* ^_^ I like your philosophy.

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